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BMC Performance Air Filter For Himalayan 450

BMC Performance Air Filter For Himalayan 450

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Compatible for Himalayan 450 

Filter Material : Oiled Cotton Gauze
Washable : Yes


Yes, it does. Thanks to the dynamic air intake, cool air can be conveyed to the air-box at a much higher speed compared to the intake capacity of traditional filtration systems.

The dynamic air intake is made even more effective by the carbon fibre Flow Switch located inside the air-box.

The assembly of a BMC intake systems results in a significant increase in the quantity of combustive oxygen present in the combustion chamber compared to a regular air filter.

These elements guarantee a considerable improvement in engine performance, in terms of power and torque.

BMC air filters are made of a multi-layered cotton fabric soaked in low-viscosity oil, inserted between two aluminium mesh frames.

The aluminium mesh is coated with epoxy resin in order to protect it against oxidation caused by fuel vapours and the humidity present in the air.

Impurities are filtered by means of sieving and retention processes, in other words the interception of impurities by the cotton fibres, which are then retained by the oil.

The procedure takes place without obstructing the air flow passage, thus guaranteeing continuity of the air filter performance over time.

BMC air filters are made using a procedure called “Full Moulding” that makes it possible to obtain the characteristic red filter from a single mould, with no gluingin the corners so as to prevent any breaking.

The special rubber used in BMC’s filtration system is practically non-deformable over time and provides excellent adhesion to any air-box shape.

Improved power* Optimum performance Long engine service life Fuel savings Financial savings (BMC filters can be washed and regenerated for the entire service life of the vehicle).

*Although they guarantee a greater air flow and better engine performance, replacement filters do not guarantee an increase in HP to the car (those aiming to achieve this should consider the OTA, CDA and DIA intake systems).

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